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Personal Development is Leadership

PowerBroker® Coaching + Training empowers executives and entrepreneurs to grow personally and dominate professionally.

PowerBroker® -
Succeeding in Work and Life 


Your drive has taken you to high levels of success, but your confidence has been lost along the way.

You feel overwhelmed managing your personal responsibilities and your professional achievements.

You are ready to expand your personal and professional growth and increase your productivity, while creating more bandwidth and margin in your life. 

You are ready to not only reach your goals but live in a constant state of peace and power while doing it

You have a great career yet unfulfilled in your life.

And you see these challenges with others in your company

Now is the time to take ACTION. Stop the overwhelm, eliminate the confusion about what's next, and mitigate the stress in your life.

PowerBroker® Coaching + Training helps executives and entrepreneurs master the next leap in their personal life and career. 

PowerBroker® Coaching + Training is built on the 9 PowerPlays based on the Principles found in the book “Exponential Living® – Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are®” by Sheri Riley.

The PowerBroker® Coaching + Training curriculum is rooted in the philosophy that personal development fuels professional growth and has increased the productivity for senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and teams.

Developing mental wellness and resilience, experiencing genuine fulfillment, and communicating with clarity and intention are just a few things that PowerBroker® Coaching + Training empowers you to master.

PowerBroker® Coaching + Training propels your progress in all areas of personal and professional development.

If you're an executive or entrepreneur, who wants to stop spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are and be a more efficient leader and manager, while being able to spend more of your time and energy on things you enjoy (without feeling guilty about it)...

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Do you want a game plan for succeeding in all areas of life, not just in your career?


PowerBrokerⓇ Coaching + Training gives you exactly that through our suite of services, workshops, trainings, 1-on-1 coaching, and consulting. Our guarantee is to empower you live in the freedom and success you want by giving you the “HOW” to pursue peace, choose clarity, and live courageously.

is the solution that empowers you to...

  • Become a better communicator

  • Solve complex problems more easily

  • Implement DEI strategies

  • Lead more cohesive teams

  • Increase productivity and teamwork

  • Navigate crucial conversations

  • Achieve a work/life integration 

  • Become more emotionally intelligent 

  • Sharpen your strategic thinking 

  • Easily navigate life transitions

  • Build better, stronger relationships

  • Effortlessly connect with people you meet 

Succeeding in life as you succeed in your career requires guidance and a proven formula.

By empowering leaders to develop peace of mind and genuine clarity, PowerBroker® Coaching + Training is the Nº1 solution for executives and entrepreneurs who want to grow personally, dominate professionally and, experience Exponential Living®.


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PowerBroker® Coaching + Training propels the progress of both the individual and the organization.


The 9 PowerPlays of PowerBroker® Coaching + Training provides a more intentional level of focus and clarity for executives and/or entrepreneurs, while alleviating physical and emotional overwhelm and burnout.

By uncovering more of WHO you are and empowering you to achieve more of what you do, PowerBroker® Coaching + Training will open the doors to more peace, clarity, freedom, and power to pursue new opportunities that ultimately propels you to grow personally and dominate professionally.  


Our elite suite of services ranging from DiSC, DEI, conflict resolution, and mental health and wellness, are rooted in the 9 Principles of Exponential Living®. Our proven, proprietary programs are designed and curated to improve the productivity in every department within your organization.

By bringing more peace, clarity, and courage to the teams and departments, we provide executives and entrepreneurs the tools that empowers their personal development and propels productivity, motivation, and leadership effectiveness, while drastically reducing stress, overwhelm, and mental exhaustion.


Book Sheri Riley to Speak to Your Organization

Motivating and empowering speaker for keynotes, conferences, workshops, trainings, and corporate events.

Communication + Culture Assessment
+ 2 Deep Dive Sessions

Individual and team assessments with actions steps to enhance and improve communication and culture.

The PowerBroker®

Half Day Workshop

The workshops and trainings are customized based on the clients desired results and outcomes.

Live In Your Power®

45 Day Intensive

This training clarifies vision, enhances execution, and empowers results for teams and individuals

Exponential Living®

1-on-1 and Group Coaching

Minimum of 6 months of Individual and/or group coaching with trained, results-driven coaches.



Find out how C-suite executives, VPs, and entrepreneurs are finding peace, clarity, and fulfillment, while still being a high-performer who delivers results.

PowerBroker Service Offerings
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“Working with an Exponential Living coach gave me the roadmap and the necessary tools I needed to continue my growth and success as a leader. I am more empowered to be a leader who makes an impact, provides solutions, and creates opportunities for others to grow and succeed.”



Here’s what other corporate executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs are saying…

—Dr. Alduan Tartt


“When I started my journey with Sheri as my life coach, I was going through a very difficult situation professionally. Her ability to listen to every word, and then “love on me hard”, allowed me to figure things out professionally and personally.”

“Sheri’s insights, affirmations and advice are unparalleled.  Whether you are a young professional looking for direction or a seasoned veteran searching for organization and inspiration, she covers finding your path and passions from A to Z.”

—Amanda Allen

WNBA Agent, Evolve, LLC

Amanda Allen1 copy.jpg

—Tara August

Sr. VP, Talent Relations and Special Projects, WarnerMedia

Tara August_half 2013_Hi Res.jpg

“It was so helpful to have the PowerBroker training and Sheri Riley speak to our team and share her insights on life strategies. It was especially useful that she’s familiar with the sport and entertainment business lifestyle given her own professional background. I liked how she engaged different members of the team to share their thoughts – it didn’t feel forced, everyone seemed comfortable contributing to the conversation.”

"In life you go thru success and and downs...but through it all you come away with certain truths. Those truths sometimes come in the form of a TRUE FRIEND. Someone you can turn to for honesty and loyalty. Sheri Riley represents these things to me. She has become one of my truths in my journey.”

—Scooter Braun

Founder & CEO of SB Projects, Manager for Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande


— Aldo DiCuffa

NBA, Sr. VP, Programming Management

aldo dicuffa.jpg


Coaching + Training guiding you toward the next step of your growth.

…Before confusion, unfulfillment, and overwhelm paralyze you and make you miserable, unproductive, and inefficient as an executive or entrepreneur...

Become a leader empowered by freedom and fulfillment

Propel your progress, productivity, and results in all areas of life.

Bring Exponential Living® to all aspects of your organization.

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